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Quality control



NeroGiardini exports its footwear all over the world. To ensure the consistently high quality of our products, we thoroughly inspect our materials, processes and finished products from start to finish. And the same qualitative standards apply to all the companies involved in the manufacturing of our footwear.

Skills and knowledge helped us transform a mostly artisanal industry into a manufacturing success story, whilst ensuring the excellence of our qualitative standards. This is mainly due to the significant attention and care we put into the production of our shoes, from cutting components to the finished product: over 50 hand-processed steps accurately coordinated and synchronised required to ensure each footwear item has the qualities of solidity, beauty and comfort that set NeroGiardini apart.

Thus, while our equipment technology enables us to work more quickly, the human component ensures perfect finishing.


It is the purpose of each quality control step performed by Manuelito (and his staff), goalkeeper and captain of a local football team. And just as he keeps a close eye on the ball, so does he on the quality of our products, because quality has to do with everyone’s attention to details, professional attitude and passion at NeroGiardini.


NeroGiardini footwear is produced under our company’s supervision and guidance by 15 carefully selected footwear manufacturing sites located in our Marche footwear district and employing more than 2000 people.