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Italians are well known for their good taste in all sorts of things, including fashion, design, cars and cuisine, to mention but a few. A taste for beautiful, well-crafted objects.
Italian style stands for beauty and expertise, a unique combination that sets us apart.
A perfect mix that helped develop and establish professions, skills and exceptional, globally competitive manufacturing.

Today, Nero Giardinis design office relies on 20 enthusiastic and highly specialised employees, who join forces with a team of design consultants to create each footwear style launched on the market.

From ideas to the finished products in our manufacturing plants in the Marche region, we check every aspect of creation, prototyping, preparation, production, packaging and shipping to deliver the best products and services to our retailers and customers, always.

For this reason, our creatives, like Valentina, are encouraged to continue their training in technology, techniques and materials to help them turn what they found fun as children into a passion and a profession.

Care for detail

NeroGiardini has always been the expression of style, Italian manufacturing, superior craftsmanship and tradition.

It’s a perfect mix of manual techniques and advanced technological skills, creativity and manufacturing processes with the utmost attention to details.

Each item of footwear is expertly made by hand and visually inspected; preparation also requires painstaking care to ensure smooth production from start to finish.

Made In Italy

Women’s, men’s and children’s collections: each season, NeroGiardini launches 1,500 new styles on the international market.

Worldwide market research, study of individual footwear styles, styling and production combined with artisan know-how and quality are the foundations of NeroGiardini’s success as a leading company in the Marche’s “shoe district”, the most important in Europe.

And the tricolour featured on each footwear item is the symbol of Made in Italy manufacturing and of our pride.