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The logistics hub of NeroGiardini is a 12,000 m2 facility that manages distribution on the Italian market and abroad.
The entire daily footwear production is routed to the same logistics hub, which processes 600,000 boxes a year.

This high-tech facility works like clockwork: times and sizes are checked by machines with virtually zero time and space error margin.

Absolute mechanical and digital accuracy, just as Moreno likes it. He admits to being obsessedwith precision. This helps keep to shipping and delivery deadlines anywhere to support retailers and satisfy customers.

A different world

The logistics hub operates in an almost entirely oxygen-free environment to minimise the risk of fire and ensure 100% safety. A different, yet parallel world, though under constant human supervision.

Environmentally Friendly

The logistics hub is a green facility, powered by a photovoltaic system.

Sustainability is even more evident in the new hub being built in Fermo, where advanced technologies are employed to manage the business unit with optimised retail deliveries.